Brooke Coon

I am a painter who resides in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado with my adorable little toddler and wonderful husband.  I find my inspiration in the open air; on the trail, or down at the ranch. That fresh country air, the golden glow on the grasses at sunset, the playful moments with farm animals, are all things that inspire me to paint the joy and peace I feel. I hope to bring that feeling of open space, fresh air, and joy to your home with my work.

With a degree in Visual Communication from the University of Kansas, Design and Illustration are a strong component in my paintings. I lean towards graphic compositions and simple color schemes. With palette knife in hand, I move with the canvas in thick, bold swipes. All things old, rusty, chipped and faded catch my eye, and that essence of antiquity often makes its way into my work with scraped paint and peeking-through layers.

Building up the paint with wax medium, I increase the sculptural play, inviting you to take a closer look. In art and life, I take an “outside the lines” approach and seek to capture freedom and movement within a still moment in time. I hope you are blessed by my paintings!

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Happy viewing!